Rauna Vidar

11,000.00 kr

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Vidar’s enclosure is molded out of a specially-formulated concrete, resulting in a uniquely inert and sonically “dead” box. The speaker cabinet is irregularly shaped and internally damped to further minimize reflections and internal resonances.

The shape of the Vidar is acoustically adjusted . The front baffle is sloped and acoustically-treated, ideally positioning the drivers for proper phase-alignment while at the same time minimizing early reflections. The sound produced by the aligned drivers will reach the listener at the same time.

The Vidar is not a speaker that is heard, but rather a conduit through which uncolored and breathtakingly detailed music emerges.

The actual “foot” in the rear holds the terminals for wire connections. The plinth of the Vidar can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing its bass reflex port to be positioned either in the front or the rear of the speaker. This allows for unprecedented placement flexibility for a speaker of this size, accommodating both difficult placement situations due to rear wall or other boundary interference, or simply personal sonic preference.

The Vidar monitor speaker delivers clean and natural sound with rapid and accurate bass, recreating the musical event in a precise and superbly wide soundstage.

Vidar – Lovely design for both eyes and ears that will live on for decades.


Principle: Two-way bass reflex with reversible port. Phase-aligned drivers

Drivers: One 5.5-inch long-throw woofer, One 1-inch soft-dome tweeter

Frequency response: 48 Hz – 22.000 Hz +/- 3 dB

Sensitivity: 86 dB

Crossover: 4000 Hz

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Dimensions: H x W x D: 345 x 255 x 255 mm. Bottomplate: W x D: 140 x 210 mm

Weight: 13 kg each unboxed


Concrete finish

White finish

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