Cayin CS-1H Hörlursförstärkare (Demo ex)

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Rörbaserad hörlursförstärkare med två hörlursuttag.
Kommer med originalkartong.
Tidigare demoexemplar. Knappt använd.
3 års garanti ty demoexemplar.
Frakt med DSV/postnord tillkommer.
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“Cayin CS-1H headphone amplifier


Class A tube headphone amplifier (EL84) with 8-800 Ω output

Cayin achieved its audiophile reputation with tube amplifiers. Therefore, the
presentation of a tube headphone amplifier was obvious. The Cayin HA-1A was released
in 2005 to meet the high expectations.

With its unique shape and innovative circuit concepts, the HA-1A has become a long-
term bestseller. The new CS-1H incorporates all the experience that its designer has
gained over the past ten years. Therefore, you can expect a lot from the CS-1H,
especially since the creator’s entire focus when reviving the classic was focused on the
headphone output stage. If you are looking for a warm and full-bodied sounding
headphone amplifier, you will find the perfect connection on the CS-1H.

Tubes: EL84 x 2, 12AU7 x 2, 12DT5
Output power: 1300mW + 1300mW (@ 32Ω) / 2100mW + 2100mW (@ 600Ω)
Selectable impedances: 8-32Ω, 33-64Ω, 65-150Ω, 151-300Ω, 600Ω
Inputs: RCA x 2
Outputs: 6.35mm headphones x 2 / RCA (pre-out)
Dimensions (LxDxH): 126.5mm x 304mm x 215mm
Weight (kg): 9.5”